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It’s all in the knot

May 27th, 2014

We all know that not all knots are the same but how many variations are there really? Well that’s easy enough to answer, it’s a lot! Differences like the size the shape and symmetry can make for a lot of different combinations. Ties with a thicker fabric usually are more complemented by smaller knots like a single windsor or the Four-in-hand (also known as the Schoolboy tie) . On the other hand ties with a thinner fabric are open for use of any kind of the more extravagant knots such as the Trinity knot. Do any of these knots sound familiar to you? If not go check out this nice part of Pinterest to see all kinds of different variations.

By like a true Gentleman as seen on Esquire and try your hand at these awesome looking neckties!


Why Barney is crazy about bespoke shirts

April 25th, 2014



In American dramas, there is always a screen full of suits. No exaggeration to say, suits became the United States play essential, and Barney from How I met your mother is definitely the most exaggerate one.  Next, let us check out why Barney is such a big fan of different ways to tie a tie along with his beloved bespoke shirts.


First reason of all is that, Barney got a heart-breaking broke-up with his girl friend because his sloppy look, so he decide to well-suited since really quite a lot of people make judgement according to others appearance instead of their internal characters.


Secondly, Barney does not have not a “well-built’ body shape, which means it is almost impossible for him to attract girls based on his “abs” or arms. Suit up is the best choice for him to avoid all his flaws.


Last but not least, Barney is absolutely the most confident guy in this show. If you care to ask the reason–of course it’s because he always suits up! No only suits up, but suit up with his favorite bespoke shirts.

Empower your present closet with a brand new group of custom dress shirts

December 6th, 2013

By getting just custom dress shirts for men, guys have the opportunity to express their worry for detail, no matter the fabric employed inside the developing approach. Once you want to hide the unwanted fat from your waist or highlight an ideal body condition, this item will definitely come in handy. There is certainly a specific variety of shirts that each and every sophisticated man must possess in his closet, every produced out of a diverse colour, texture and style. Possessing a variety of various dress shirts can help you to obtain a new image, even if you wear the identical suit. You’ll find various diverse sources from where you are able to acquire a custom dress shirt, and the net is just among them.

Tailored shirts

Going to the workshop of a certain designer is practically the initial point that you need to do if you desire to acquire custom dress shirts. You will find different aspects that must be clarified before the designed can commence operating on your dress shirts: such as your body`s measurements, height and weight, what sort of collar to work with inside the manufacturing procedure, the cuff type and any extra elements that might influence the final outcome of his perform.


Not all guys realize and comprehend the elegance that may be obtained by wearing custom produced garments. In order to get an notion about what it’s all about, you’ll be able to commence using a straightforward custom dress shirt. The approach of creating wonderful custom dress shirts consists on three main aspects: setup, testing and execution. Even so, with out clarifying all the essential aspects that surround this approach, clientele may possibly be dissatisfied after they acquire their items. Make sure you talk with your developer and offer him all of the data that he needs to know every time you wish to purchase a custom dress shirt.


Whenever you put on a shirt which was specially designed to fir the body, you’ll feel a lot far better and more comfy when compared with what you expertise when testing out a usual ready to wear shirt out of your neighborhood retailer. You need to take time and assess all feasible choices when you need to acquire new clothing. In this hectic society, men and women do not have considerably time for you to program their purchasing sessions, so they end up purchasing products that do not satisfy their wants entirely. A lot of men and women avoid acquiring custom dress shirts because the delivery time is larger when compared with the immediate transactions.


This might be correct, but patience may possibly bring with it many positive aspects. First of all, should you be a man that cares for details, you know how essential it truly is to possess a shirt which will fit the body perfectly. You are going to have the ability to acquire the model that you just have thought, with out worrying in regards to the thickness from the cuff or the size of the sleeves. You are able to also pick the fabric that you simply like greatest. In an effort to get the perfect custom dress shirts, you could possibly wish to check out your existing wardrobe and offer you some examples for your designer.

Custom dress shirts and great customer service

November 3rd, 2013

I am so happy when I receive good customer service and I did back in January — and this I have done from a site doing custom dress shirts online. After I notified since last year and the shirts (note that I got a shirt free, so if you think that me impartial, so stop reading ahead now) and was quite happy, I decided to give my wife 2 custom dress shirts for Christmas, because she wanted some “work shirts” and bought a gift card for her.

Men's shirts

When we ordered, I unfortunately came to do some mess up (I found out later), so the gift card was not used, but since I while I ordered thought it was used, I just threw away afterwards (I had gotten a physical card sent to you). The money, however, was pulled and I rushed me to contact customer service. They were a little dull to return, but when they did, they did it with the above message about that money was reversed. No talk, no excuses, no “proof” was necessary. Brilliant!


Skjorter til mænd på det højeste niveau

October 25th, 2013

Her er en lidt og hurtig guide til at finde skræddersyet skjorter til mænd på det højeste niveu. De her skjorter passer bare fantastisk godt.

Video er cirka et minut langt og går igennem de enkle trin der skal til at for at få nogle af de bedste siddende skjorter online man kan finde.


Hello world!

October 23rd, 2013

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